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Exin DEVOPSF Exam Syllabus

EXIN DevOps Foundation

Last Update Apr 22, 2024
Total Questions : 40

What is Included in the Exin DEVOPSF Exam?

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Exin DEVOPSF Exam Overview :

Exam Name EXIN DevOps Foundation
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Exin DEVOPSF Exam Topics :

Section Weight Objectives
1. DevOps Basics 25% 1.1 DevOps Origins
The candidate can ...
1.1.1 describe the historical developments from Waterfall to Scrum to Agile.
1.1.2 describe the developments in virtualization and cloud computing that enable DevOps.
1.1.3 explain how DevOps developed from a historical perspective.

1.2 Definition of DevOps
The candidate can ...
1.2.1 outline how DevOps is an expansion of Lean and Agile thinking.
1.2.2 explain that DevOps requires value stream thinking.
1.2.3 clarify how DevOps can yield a greater return on IT than other practices.

1.3 Reasons for using DevOps
The candidate can ...
1.3.1 identify decreasing time to market as a reason for using DevOps.
1.3.2 identify reducing technical debt as a reason for using DevOps.
1.3.3 identify eliminating fragility as a reason for using DevOps.

1.4 Misconceptions about DevOps
The candidate can ...
1.4.1 clarify that DevOps is not a part of Agile.
1.4.2 clarify that DevOps is more than tools and automation.
1.4.3 clarify that DevOps is not a new profession.
2. DevOps Principles 27.5% 2.1 Value Stream
The candidate can ...
2.1.1 define the concept value stream.
2.1.2 explain the concept of value stream mapping (VSM).
2.1.3 clarify how a value stream mapping (VSM) may help optimizing processes in the business.
2.1.4 explain why value stream thinking is the core of DevOps.

2.2 Deployment Pipeline
The candidate can ...
2.2.1 define the concept deployment pipeline.
2.2.2 identify the challenges when implementing a deployment pipeline.

2.3 Version Control 5%
The candidate can ...
2.3.1 define the concept version control.
2.3.2 explain why version control is important.

2.4 Configuration Management 5%
The candidate can ...
2.4.1 define the concept of configuration management.
2.4.2 explain why configuration management is important for DevOps.

2.5 Definition of Done 2.5%
The candidate can ...
2.5.1 explain why a clear Definition of Done is important for working with a DevOps mindset.
3. DevOps Key Practices 27.5% 3.1 Difference with Traditional Practices
The candidate can ...
3.1.1 clarify how DevOps facilitates more frequent releases.
3.1.2 clarify how DevOps focuses more on adding value to the business.
3.1.3 explain that DevOps requires automation.
3.1.4 clarify how DevOps deals with solving incidents and defects differently. 3.1.5 clarify how DevOps needs continuous improvement.

3.2 DevOps Practices
The candidate can ...
3.2.1 outline the importance of a diverse team .
3.2.2 outline the importance of visualizing work.
3.2.3 outline why Work-in-Progress (WiP) and batch sizes should be limited.
3.2.4 list how DevOps incorporates operational requirements into Development.
3.2.5 explain the importance of supporting innovation.
3.2.6 identify ways to deal with bottlenecks.
4. Practical Applications of DevOps 20% 4.1 Applicability
The candidate can ...
4.1.1 characterize situations in which DevOps is feasible.
4.1.2 identify conditions that make adoption of DevOps interesting for the business.

4.2 Limitations
The candidate can ...
4.2.1 identify a lack of readiness to adopt DevOps.
4.2.2 characterize monolithic IT infrastructure and architecture as a limitation for adopting DevOps.

4.3 Using Commercial Off-the-shelf Software
The candidate can ...
4.3.1 clarify the risk of commercial off-the-shelf software in strategic business lines.
4.3.2 identify solutions for working with commercial off-the-shelf software when there is no other option.

4.4 Evolving Architecture and Organizational Models
The candidate can ...
4.4.1 identify the difficulties a rigid IT department poses on implementing DevOps.
4.4.2 characterize the need for a flexible mindset to change and innovation.

4.5 Iterative Progression
The candidate can ...
4.5.1 recall that DevOps may start small and can be built up from there.
4.5.2 recall that DevOps is a way of thinking, which may start anywhere in the organization.

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